Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Up coming games

Cuba vs Australia: Australia wins

Italy vs Venezuela: Italy wins

Dominican Republic vs The Netherlands: Dutch win

After the games tonight, all the 2nd round participants will be determined.

So far I've been right on four of them: Japan, South Korea, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Still waiting: Cuba, Australia, The Netherlands, and Italy. Cuba or Australia will advance tonight, giving me 5 picks. I'm banking on the Europeans to make this a great tournament in the second round.


ACook said...

I think you're giving us too much credit. We had 2 of our best pitching games ever, but we really can't hit much against these MLB pitchers, our hitters just don't have the power or the experience to mount much of an offence.

True, we're not some backwater country like the DR players seemed to think before saturday, we can play ball, and in 2 of the other pools we certainly couldve gone thru, but 2 wins over DR is asking too much.

But I hope you're right of course :)

Ron Rollins said...

Aaron, I agree. The world has to sit up and take notice.

When I picked the Netherlands to win, and to advance, some people thought I was just picking an upsed special. But I wasn't. I really believed this guys were that good.

I think Europe (with the Italian victory) has shown the world they better start paying attention. I'm impressed with the Dutch, particularly the defense and the pitching.

But you're right about the hitting. It's killing them/us. I look for a shakeup. Simon to clean up, Hallman 5th, maybe de Castor moving to 3rd. Something.

Maybe Bam-Bam will get activated.

I think the loss of Andruw Jones, and now particularly Jairs Jurgens will tell more than anything.