Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Predictions for Pool 2 - update 1

The games here represent more of a 'wish list' than actual predictions, but you have to pick one team, and stick with it. This was what I did. Probably shouldn't have.

Netherlands vs Venezuela. I went with Netherlands as the 'heart over head' choice, and believe they could have won it if they would have gotten any kind of hitting at all. They didn't. Venezuela still didn't impress me, but they keep doing what they need to.

Venezuela over Netherlands

Puerto Rico vs United States. Can we just officially list any involvement in the World Baseball Classic as a national embarrassment. This is ridiculous. Of course, if their own commissioner won't even take the thing seriously, why should the players. It's good for international baseball, but it's embarrassing as an American.
I never thought I would ever say this, but, "God, where is Billy Martin when we really need him." A debacle.

Puerto Rico over United States

So on to the consolation prize.

United States vs Netherlands. The Netherlands deserved to win this, if no other reason than to get the U.S. out of this thing. Congratulations to the Dutch. They played well, they impressed me, and they are good. The only thing they need to be embarrassed about is losing to this American team. This is the equivalent of Custer beating the Indians. I didn't have this one picked, but I would have picked the U.S. over Venezuela, and rightly over the Dutch. Even though they don't deserve it.

United States over Netherlands

Upcoming games:

Puerto Rico vs Venezuela. This won't be close, either. I didn't necessarily think the Puerto Ricans would advance this far, but they've been the class of the 2 pools they've played in. They're strong, and Venezuela isn't.

Puerto Rico over Venezuela

Actual record: 2 - 2

Predicted record: 2 - 2 - 1


SAMEU said...

He or she that loveth baseball, will find a way to playeth.

Watch the World Baseball Classic of 2009. I particularly like the video IBAF release about the series. Notice how through the tournament one country has a problem with boosting morale into their players and playing the game at the highest level. USA. Why? USA has commercialized the sport through the media to the point where players loose sight of the true purpose of the game; to have fun and to have alternative options and stay off the streets. Many comments have been right here. The politics, the economy as a struggle, and America's passion for physical activity. But baseball will never cease. Baseball will live for ever as long as a stick and a round object (preferably bouncy) exists.

Seth Hawkins

Ron Rollins said...


I agree completely. As an American, i would like to see them win.

But I don't care right now. They won't take it seriously, which is good for international baseball.

Between the Dutch, the Venezuelans, and the Australians, they've all shown the game isn't just American any more.

I'm all for that.