Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pool C predictions for the WBC - update 4

Venezuela over Italy. Has there been an uglier looking team then Venezuela? I know they beat the Italians twice, but they didn't do so well. Both games, the Italian starter held them them to the 4th. It was went they went to the pen that the Italians started getting hit. I think the other teams in the second round will have better relievers. But they won. Good on them. I'm still not impressed.

Venezuela over the United States. I wouldn't have thought that would happen. I didn't see the game, but obviously they played well. It was a pride game for the Venezuelans. I'm not going to say the U.S. wasn't trying, but I have to question the pitching choices. It looked Johnson was just trying to get guys some work. Another reason the Classic will fail. How do you leave Guthrie in for 2 innings to give up 4 runs? That was the loser right there.

Actual record: 12 - 9 (I'm starting to suck here)

Predicted record: 10 - 4 - 7

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