Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pool C predictions for the WBC - update 3

Italy over Canada. Okay, now I don't feel so stupid for picking Italy over Venezuela. Venezuela looked like crap in two games, and don't seem to have much to me. I'm surprised Canada lost, but it shows shows how good the Italians are. I do have the Italians advancing to the next round, and all they have to do is beat the Venezuelans. Considering they didn't take advantage of opportunities in the first game, but did in the second, I' think they can do it this time around.

I'm taking Italy over Venezuela, and advancing. If they win, wheter they beat the U.S. or not is irrelevant. If Venezuela wins, but they won't, they will be by far the luckiest team in the Classic, and won't make it past the next round.

Actual record: 12 - 4

Predictive record: 10 - 3 - 3

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