Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The new Julio

Julio Franco is not the only player dreaming of playing baseball until (or past) his 50th birthday. Even though Julio is out of the game right now, he has a successor to his dream.
Roberto Cabalisti, a 48-year old right-handed pitcher in the Italian Baseball League, has just been acquired by a new club, de Angelis Godo.
His manager, for one is happy with the pick-up:
Team manager Gigi Mignola likes the fact to have such an experienced hurler on the roster to go alongside the young squad.
Cabalisti does have a lot of experience, and a good pedigree in the Italian League:

Cabalisti made his debut in the National Series with TRIESTE in 1984, played for VERONA and SAN MARINO in the following years, before joining RIMINI in 1989. He appeared in 500 games so far, having an ERA just north of the 3.00 mark. He won five national championships, one champion’s cup and pitched in 48 games for the Italian National Team, including the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. He last pitched in the IBL on July 26th last summer against FORTITUDO BOLOGNA.

I don't care what league you play in. To do it at the age, and still be productive is an outstanding feat. I say, more power to him. He's older than I am, and I some mornings I have to literally roll out of bed. And it's not alwasys because I've been out to the pub the night before.
Keep throwing strong, dude. I hope you make it to 50.

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