Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Predictions for Pool 1 - update 2

Okay, so I hadn't seen this game yet. I'm still having computer issues. I'm also going to go back to the other stuff I was doing. I've kind of gotten away from it during the Classic, but I'll have some new stuff (non-Classic related) tomorrow. I also do another blog, and some other writing, and I need to concentrate on that today. As well as laundry. And it's St Patricks day. I'm unemployed and don't have time to do anything. It's weird.

Cuba vs Mexico. Cuba is better than Mexico and proves it. Mexico shouldn't have been able to get past Australia. Look at this:

From comments I made on a post on East Windup Chronicle:

The problem with the double elimination, and not a round robin, is the fact that Australia didn’t get to face South Africa. Cuba and Mexico did.

Do you think either team went with a front-line starter against them. Mexico was able to save their #2 to against Australia, instead of the 3rd guy in the rotation. Meanwhile, Australia had to use it’s 2 front-line guys against Mexico and Cuba, and a 3rd starter against Mexico again.

I’m not saying Australia would have won the rematch, but definite advantage to Mexico. South Africa got them to the 2nd round, not their players.

Cuba played a 3 and 4 seed.

Mexico played a 3 and 4 seed.

Australia played a 1 and 2 seed.

Explain again how a double elimination is better than round robin?

Cuba over Mexico. So Mexico goes home and Cuba plays the South Korea/Japan winner. Outside of Asian baseball fans, is anyone even paying attention to this pool? Doesn't seem like it.


Tadeuszow said...

In 2006 Canada finished 2-1 and didn't make it out of the round robin.

Ron Rollins said...

Good point, and I had forgot about that.

There are issues with the roundrobin, and issues with the double-elimination.

Hopefully, they'll come up with something a little more competitive/fair in 2013.

I'm still loving it, not just the way some teams got shafted.