Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top 20 sports movies of all time

Fox Sports did their list of the top 20 sports movies of all time. Not just baseball, but other's as well. I don't think it's a very good list. Whoever wrote it is basing more on what it was as a movie, and not how it relates to sports. Which would seem to be the point to me.

20. Million Dollar Baby - good, but not best picture winner.

19. Bloodsport - mandatory viewing for anyone who's ever been in the Army.

18. Best In Show - I liked it, but a 'sports' movie. I love dogs, but a movie about a dog show?

17. Seabiscuit - great movie. How was this not ranked in the top 10?

16. Murder ball - never seen it, but I've heard it's good. I need to find it and watch it.

15. The Bad News Bears - one of the great movies of my childhood. Another top 10 to me.

14. A League Of Their Own - good movie. The only time I've ever like Rosie O'Donnell.

13. Chariots Of Fire - I've seen the first 15 minutes. Don't know if its any good at all.

12. The Karate Kid - bull. This doesn't belong on the list, and not ahead of Seabiscuit.

11. Breaking Away - absolutely fantastic movie.

10. Bull Durham - not top 3? Yeah, who the hell wrote this list? A movie critic or sportswriter?

9. Happy Gilmore - or a college sophomore. I liked this, but over Bull Durham. Please!

8. Hoosiers - not a top 5 movie? Did they pick the names out of a hat?

7. Field Of Dreams - I'm starting to doubt this list.

6. Rudy - good choice for this high. No issues with that.

5. The Natural - what were they thinking? This is one of the hokiest movies ever made.

4. Slap Shot - not #1! They must have let a soccer fan write this column.

3. Caddyshack - sports, not comedies. I'll give it a top 10, but not a top 3.

2. Raging Bull - good choice. Finally got back on track.

1. Rocky - still say Slap Shot, but I'm okay with this.

Some notable omissions:

Bang The Drum Slowly

Brian's Song

Fast Break

North Dallas Forty

The Longest Yard

Tin Cup


The Hustler (if a dog show can make, so can pool)

Any others I've missed?


The Common Man said...

No Major League? For shame.

Best In Show absolutely should not count.

The list was obviously not written by a baseball fan.

Murderball is available on Netflix's site. An absolutely terrific documentary. I loved it

Ron Rollins said...

I don't know. I was never a Major League fan. Just seemed too contrived for the jokes, and not as a movie.

But it should have been on the list over others.

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