Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Predictions for Pool 1 - update 1

Okay, obviously I haven't been doing much the last couple of days. Job interviews, some spring cleaning and looking for a new place to live, as well as back-to-back visits with my daughter kept me busy. I'm back on track, however, so lets see whats happening.

Japan over Cuba. I was wrong on this one. The Cubans really aren't that good right now. The Japanese were able to prove they are. This gives the Japanese a lot of momentum going towards the finals, and they should make it easily.

South Korea over Mexico. This one wasn't hard either. South Korea is on a roll and might be the best team in the Classic. A lot of people will obviously disagree, but we'll need to prove it on the field.

Upcoming games:

South Korea vs Japan: I'll go with the hotter hand, and pick South Korea. I think South Korea would have beat Cuba if they were playing them, and they Japanese played it close. It won't be 1-0, but it won't be a mercy rule either.

South Korea over Japan.

Mexico vs Cuba: I don't think the Mexicans have what it takes. One game against Australia doesn't prove anything, and Cuba is fighting for its reputation.

Cuba over Mexico

Actual record: 1 - 1

Predicted record: 1 - 1

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