Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live blogging Netherlands / Dominican Republc




Marmol into pitch.

de Young PH'ing.

de Young rips a double to the left-center wall, and its man on 2B, no outs.

Smith will pinch hit.

Ground ball to SS, runner moves to 3B, 1 out.

Kingsale is up. If the Dutch lose it, its not his fault. He doesn't need to press here. He's got major leauge experience. He just needs to hit.






Schoop strikes out. 2 out. Simon up, and he'll be walked. Runners on 1st/3rd, 2 outs, de Caster up.

Cruz pops out to CF. 1 out.

Olivo pops up to 3rd, and there are 2 out.

Reyes walks.

Jose Bautista will get his first AB.

Kingsale misplays a liner to RF, and it rolls to the wall. Reyes scores and Bautista gets 3B. The first defensive misplay by the Dutch, and it's costly.

As Kaat just said, if you don't walk guys with two outs, then they can't score.

Ramirez strikes out.

Dominican Republic 1, Netherlands 0
bottom 11th

Marte in to pitch.

de Caster strikes out.

Brombley, the PH, tries to bunt his way on, and takes it straight to the P, for the 2nd out.

Rooi, the PH the last inning, is up now.

Rooi singles to RF, with 2 outs. Where has he been at so far.

Halman strikes out, and we go to the 11th. This has got to be the last inning.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 10th

Ramirez lines out to LF. 1 out.

Aybar up, in place of Ortiz.

Ground ball to 2B, 2 out.

Boyd will take over against Tejeda.

Tejeda gets hit by a pitch, and its a runner on 1st, with Guillen up.

Guillen singles into LF, and its 1st/2nd, with 2 outs. Cano is up.

Cano flies out to RF, and we go to the bottom. We really need to end it now. We can do one more inning after this, then it becomes really dangerous.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 10th

Duursma will lead it off.

Perez, the lefty, in to pitch for the DR.

Duursma bounces out to the pitcher. We don't want extra innings.

Kingsale hits a chopper to SS, and Reyes boots it. Does the running game come into play. Olivo doesn't throw runners out.

Grounder to 2B, fielders choice takes out Kingsale. 2 out, runner on 1st. Simon up.

Simon grounds out to 2B, and it's extra innings. The Dutch still have Boyd in the pen, but they're giving the Dominicans way too many chances.

Gregory Halman is in CF now, and makes the hard catch by Cruz, straight to him. 1 out.

Olivo flies out deep to LF, but it's an easy catch, and 2 out.

Neuman is out, and a lefty will come in to face Reyes. We'll see how it works.

Reyes singles to CF, and it will get interesting now.

They'll leave the lefty in, and Moises Alou will come into PH.

I wondering about Boyd.

Alou grounds out to SS, and we go to the bottom of the 9th. Simon will be the 4th hitter, and he's their big dog. If they can get someone on, he's the guy to bring them in.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 9th

The PH'er Rooi, lines it to the wall in LF, but Cruz pulls it it. Where has this guy been if he can hit like that. 1 out.

Groundball to 2B, and there are 2 out.

Another groundball to 2B, and it's 3 up, 3 down. Again. The top of the order will get up in the bottom of the 9th. If they can hold against the end of the Dominican line up, it will be their best chance.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 8th

Neuman back in to start the 8th.

Tejeda strikes out, 1 out.

Guillen flies out to LF. He's 0-4, and there are 2 out.

Line drive to deep RF, but its 3 up, 3 down. This is the time to score, then they can close it out against the bottom of the order.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 8th

Ortiz is out of the game, for a defensive replacement. That could be big, later.

Simon takes one down the LF line, but Cruz gets to it. 1 out.

de Caster grounds out to 2B. 2 out. C'mon, guys, look at some pitches.

Foul pop to 3B, end of the inning. 2 hits, no walks. They can't ask their pitchers to do any more than they've done. The hitters have got to do something. And Pedro is out now.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 7th

Reyes lines one to RF. One of the hardest hit balls of the night, but still an out.

Taverez walks for the 3rd time. He's gotten a lot of calls. I wish the Dutch were hitting aginst the same strike zone. 1 on, 1 out.

Ramirez flies out deep to LF, but it's a loud out. 2 out, 1 on, Ortiz up.

Ortiz pops up to short, inning over. Bottom of the line up (still dangerous for the next two) and the 3, 4, 5 up for the Dutch. This is the time, guys.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 7th

Jansen pops out to Tejada in foul territory, and it's a nice catch. 1 out.

The Dutch finally try to lay down a bunt, but it has to go more than 5 feet. 2 out.

Kingsale gets hit by a pitch, and its a man on. You have to wonder if he'll try to steal again. I would. He was safe last time, and the ump blew the call.

A strike out on a checked swing. They have to do something next inning.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 6th

Cordemans is in. The Dutch are still sitting good.

Tejeda walks on some close pitches.

Guillen pops out to RF. 1 out.

Liner to 3rd, out, and a toss back to 1B, but Simon doesn't handle the throw. He should have reached for it, and not waited on it. 2 down.

Cruz walks, runners on 1st/2nd, 2 outs.

Olivo pops out to RF, and it's still scoreless. C'mon, Orange, lets get something going.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 6th

Flyball to CF, 1 out.

Flyball to CF, 2 out. But I'm seeing a pattern here, and it's the bottom of the order. If Pedro is around when the top of the order comes up, we might be able to do something.

Strike out, and it's 3 up, 3 down. The Dutch need someone to step up and start hitting. They're playing great, but they have got to score.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 5th

A new pitcher for the Dutch. Smits, a LH'er is in. Slight change in the format. You'll pick it up. It's easier this way. I'm still on a learning curve.

Reyes strikes out. 1 down. Kaat says the DR are all swinging for the fences, and the strike outs are adding up. Boy, that sounds familiar.

Taverez walks. You can't do that. 1 on, 1 out.

Well, my piece of shit computer crashed on me. I missed what happened, but the Dutch got out of the inning.

Pedro is in now. They have to get to him.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 5th

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 4th

de Castor looks at strike 3 down the middle of the plate. 3 up, 3 down, and 10 strike outs in innings. On the bright side, Jimenez has less than 10 pitches to go, and he'll be out, and Pedro will be in next inning. I think they get to Pedro.

Simon strikes out on ball 4. 9 K's, out of 11 outs. 2 down.

8th K, and 1 out. Jimenez still has 20 pitches to go. Good efficiency, but Pedro Martinez is warming up.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 4th

Ground ball, 6-4, and the Dutch get out of it again. The Dominicans haven't done anything to impress me at all. The Netherlands gets to see a new pitcher and the beginning of their order coming up. They need to do something now and get out to a lead.

Cruz walks, and the bases are loaded. 2 out.

Cano strikes out on a checked swing. You have to wonder if that's a make up call. There's really no such thing, but it does happen.

Guillen pops out to RF, and no advance by the runners. 1 out. I'm not going to do it, I'm not.

A 2B to right center by Oritz, on a ball that should have been caught. The RF'er took a bad route to it. Ortiz will be struggling after that. Infield single by Tejeda, and it's 1st/3rd with no outs.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end of 3rd

Kingsale runs on the 1st pitch, and is called out. He was safe, but the umpire is such a prima donnna he thought he could stand still and make the call. But the runner blocked his sight of the tag, and was safe. Because the idiot umpire was too lazy too move. My God, even in the WBC, the umpires think they're above the game. Positioning by umpires is horrendous. I know that's what they get taught, but they are rarely in position to make the right call.

Two bad calls agains the Dutch already.

A dink single down the LF line by Kingsale, and there's a runner on. The Dutch have to get something going, and send him.

Finally a ground ball, and its 2 out.

Younsen strikes out, and thats 7 K's so far.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 3rd

Groundball to 2B, and the innings over. The Dutch are doing what they've been doing. Getting great pitching, and playing good defense. And still not hitting.

Taverez walks, and it could be fun. A good basestealer vs a good catcher.

Reyes pops out to SS, and it's 2 out.

Olivo lines one to CF, and it's 1 out.

I'm lovin' this new Hi-Def MLB.tv. It's fantastic.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 2nd

Called strike 3, and it's 6 K's and a Single for the Dutch. That isn't going to do it. They need to get guys on base.

Another strikeout, and its 2 down, no one on. The Dutch still aren't hitting anything at all.

On the replay, de Castor did get hit by the pitch. Bad call. Start over.

Called 3rd strike to Nelson Cruz.

DR 0
Dutch 0
mid 2nd

Groundball single to RF for Cano. 2 outs, runner on 1st. WP and Cano goes to 2nd.

Guillen grounds into a 6-4-3 DP, and its 2 outs. Too easy, I'm not going to do it.

Infield single for Tejeda, but he's limping around. He might be hurt. It's raining in San Juan also.

A disputed strikeout, and the Dutch go out with no score. Jimenez strikes out the side, but he threw a lot of pitches. He won't make it through into the 4th at this rate.

DR 0
Dutch 0
end 1st

6-0 Venezuela, after 5

PB and Simon goes to 2nd.

Another strikeout, and then a single to CF by Simon. Runner on 1B, 2 outs.

The Dutch did shake up thier line up, with de Caster hitting 4th, and Halman out of the lineup. The Dutch are hitting .140 with 1 xbh. Should be interesting.


D.R. 0
middle of 1st

I think Ortiz at 1B is going to come back to haunt Alou. This is what I was talking about when I said the Dutch have taken the Dominican Republic out of their game. Ortiz strikes out.

Hanley Ramirez singles to RF, 1 on, 2 out.

Taverez grounds out to 2B, and 2 down. Dursma is in at 2nd, to get a bat in. I haven't seen the line up yet, but the Netherlands are doing something to get the bats going.

And Reyes grounds out to 3B, and it's 1 down.

I'm going to do this one top down, instead of the way I did the Italy/Venezuela game.

David Ortiz is at 1B, so Reyes and Ramirez can both get into the lineup. Just like I though, Alou is worried about the hitting, and it's his small ball team.


ACook said...

I hope against hope, but they can't keep doing this.

how many jams have they gotten out now with 2 on deck???

ACook said...


Miami here we come!!!

Ron Rollins said...

This is so great. I was getting a little worried. They gave away so many chances.

Now we get to hear for the next two weeks how ths is the greatest upset in the history of sports, but I don't buy it.

They beat them fair and square and could have beat Puerto Rico.

I don't care if they do or not, but it would still be great momentum for the second round.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

Oh my, you were busy.

Ron Rollins said...

Something i wanted to try, but its a lot of work.

i don't thin i'll be doing it again.

ACook said...

I was looking for some live chat with some serious fans to share this game with.

The free live stream I found had an ok one, most were spanish speaking though.

And many of the other chats were either dead or thought the WBC was the worst idea ever. Bunch of idiots.

Ron Rollins said...

I couldn't find anything either. The best i found was the conversation link from the ESPN recap.

Not a chat, but lots of nice comments, especially from the Dominican fans.

But they aren't happy at all.

ACook said...

It's flattering reading some commentators now saying this will have a major impact on baseball in NL, with kids racing to the clubs and such.

Reality sucks though, I really don't think this will make one ounce of difference. There is a core base if interested people, but that's all there's ever going to be.