Friday, March 6, 2009

Pool A predictions for the WBC - update 1

So Pool A is in full-swing. South Korea trounced Chinese Taipei, and looked impressive doing it. I screwed up with the brackets. It's actually a double-elimination, and not a round robin, as I thought. Guess I should have read more, instead of just assuming it.

That's actually something I'm against. It should be a round robin, with each team playing the other team, and not double-elimination. As much as it is about winning for some countries and players, it's also about showcasing the game on an international scale.

Each team should be playing each other team. Even if China or Chinese Taipei lose both of their first two games, they should still have to play it out. If Japan or South Korea had to play either team, it provides some interesting strategy. If either team has won 2 games, then do they try, and use a pitcher. Or do they coast, possibly have the other team win, and save wear and tear on the players.

And Japan and South Korea will each have at least one loss going into the third game. Imagine the excitement if China or Chinese Taipei played well, and scared them. How will affect the pitching, and the second round. The players. Or what if they won.

Double-elimination only makes sense if one team advances to the next round. But what is going to happen here is, Japan or South Korea will win their game. Obviously. And then they will play a second time, or possible a third time, if they split the first two, to determine who is eliminated. And then they both advance to the next round. That means some teams go home after 2 games, and never plays the third at all. How does that help the exposure around the world? Each team should play each of the other teams one time, and the top two advance. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Anyhow, I will have to update my predictions as it goes along. I'm not changing the picks, but I will have to look at the matchups differently now, so that might change a few things.

I'll post them all in advance, so no one can accuse me of cheating on the picks. Not like I have money on it, or anything.

So, on to the next games:

Japan vs South Korea - still have Japan, but man, did South Korea look good. Japan had some good pitching in their game, but didn't hit at all.

China vs Chinese Taipei - still staying with China. They didn't look great, but Chinese Taipei is on a down turn (as I noted originally) and they look like a train wreck waiting to happen.

The loser of the Japan/South Korea game will play the winner of China/Chinese Taipei. I'll take the big dog (whoever it is) over the little dog in that game, and still stick with Japan to be the winner. Even though they won't actually win anything, just eliminate the others.

But watch out for South Korea.

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