Friday, March 27, 2009

A little help for my friends

Some of the people who come here to read are not Americans, and some are not quite as familiar with baseball as some of us. In an effort to help educate people, I think it is important that we use the proper terminology in talking about baseball. Maybe this comes from my days in the Army (where terminology is paramount), but I get a little irritated at times when people use the wrong the phrases. It's not really anyone's fault, and no one is required to stop using what they know and like.

However, for some reason, there is always a need to equate something to something else of a similar nature. Thus, American football is compared to European football, which is asinine, because American football is derived from rugby, and not soccer. And for some reason, people want to compare baseball to cricket. It's always helpful to use familiar terms and phrases, but today is the start of my campaign to stop it forever.

So here is a handy-dandy little list that you can use to help assimilate you into the proper terminology of the game of baseball. It is not comprehensive, and can be added to as needed. Please print it out and post it next to your computer and television screen. So here we go:

pitch = field, yard, diamond

friendly = exhibition game

match = game

batsman = batter, hitter, stickmeister

bowler = pitcher, hurler

sent off = ejected

relegated = demoted

Man U = New York Yankees

Chelsea = Boston Red Sox

Arsenal = Chicago Cubs

Liverpool = Los Angeles Dodgers

Ronaldo = Alex Rodriguez

Alex Ferguson = Tony LaRussa

Wayne Rooney = Kevin Millar

Those are the major one's I could find. As I find more, the list will be periodically updated and re-posted. Feel free to submit ones I have missed, so that we can make the world a better place.

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