Saturday, March 14, 2009

Predictions for Pool 2

Now comes the hard one. I always want to root for the United States, and I've been riding the Dutch since the beginning. The Puerto Ricans are looking good, and the Venezuelans are frauds. I'm probably going to miss every game here, but as I said, it doesn't really matter what I think.

Netherlands vs Venezuela. The Venezuelans are frauds in this Classic, and the Dutch are playing Cinderella. All the Dutch need to do is hit, and it's a gimme. The Italians had better overall hitters then the Dutch, and couldn't do anything. I'm going with the hot hand. Ride that pony.

Netherlands over Venezuela

United States vs Puerto Rico. Is it really an international competition when every player on both teams is an American citizen. If Puerto Rico wins, do we get to claim it as an American victory? The United States hasn't impressed me, and Puerto Rico has a lot of weaknesses. This is a toss up, and whichever team I choose will end up losing.

Puerto Rico over United States

United States vs Venezuela. Lightning does not strike twice. Pissed off finally, the U.S. sends Venezuela home, where the entire team is immediately imprisoned by Hugo Chavez for being American lackeys. Tony Blair laughs over his scones.

United States over Venezuela

Puerto Rico vs Netherlands. I want the Dutch to win this game. Man, I really want them to win this game. It would be great for the game of baseball for Netherlands to win this game and advance to the finals. They don't.

Puerto Rico over Netherlands.

United States vs Netherlands. In the interests of international baseball, I would accept an American lose to let the Dutch in the final round. It won't happen, and the Dutch go home to get knighted. Since Sir Sidney is already a knight, he will forever afterwards be known as Double Dutch. Insert your own joke in here.

United States over Netherlands.

Puerto Rico vs United States. The United States, fresh over their victory of Holland, and thinking its a better idea to play the South Koreans instead of the Japanese. Puerto Rico doesn't care, as the players take their tax free status to the finals regardless. The United States, thinking it's playing for national pride, steps up and beats those nasty foreigners.

United States over Puerto Rico.

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tHeMARksMiTh said...

Well, Puerto Rico didn't lose, and the US definitely didn't impress.