Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anyone interested in some baseball cards?

If you're interested in buying some baseball cards, and who wouldn't be, especially vintage ones of Stan Musial or Lou Brock, all you have to do is contact the federal government. Seems they have confiscated some some memorabilia items for a former investment advisor who forgot it wasn't actually his money. Kind of sounds like our banking system right now.
Anyhow, here is the main point of the story:
Baseball card collectors interested in two 1959 Stan Musial cards or three rookie cards of Cardinals great Lou Brock will have an opportunity to purchase these rare items if federal prosecutors get their way.

The government recently filed a motion to formally seize a collection of baseball cards and other memorabilia from a former investment adviser from Town and Country who admitted that he sold investment-grade coins belonging 44 customers without their knowledge.
Not only are those cards available, so are cards of Sandy Koufax and Roger Maris. But combining my two loves of baseball and history, there is more than just the cards available:
Also, nine pages listed German, Russian, Soviet and North Korean memorabilia, including Adolf Hitler’s signature and a 1946 bust of Joseph Stalin.
Yeah, those are must for every collectors stash. The upside to all of this is, if the governments selling these items, they'll have no idea how to accurately price them and they should all go pretty cheap.
I do have to wonder if Sandy Koufax has any issues with his cards being sold at the same auction as items from Hitler and Stalin. I mean, I'm all for capitalism and everything, but it seems a little strange to me.

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