Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pool C predictions for the WBC - update 1

Okay, this isn't in chronological order, as I'm just trying to get things filled in. I was up to 3:30 AM watching, and had to be up at 8.

United States over Canada. More a home run derby than anything else. I wasn't overly impressed with either team. Then again, I wasn't unimpressed. This could have been Blue Jays/Yankees or Dodgers/Cubs as much as any other game. Both teams hit, pitched and played good defense. No surprises here.

Italy vs Venezuela. Okay, I was wrong on this one. Maybe I tried to outguess myself, but lets be fair also. I watched the game, and Italy outplayed Venezuela for the first 6 innings. Easily outpitched, outhit, outfielded, and out-fundamental them. The problem here was the hyphenateds. They didn't do what they were supposed to do, and lead this team to victory. Punto and Catalonotto went an empty 3 for 9, with a caught stealing, no runs, and no rbis. And Jason Grilli absolutely fell apart. Meanwhile, the fundamentals of the Italians (the real Italians) impressed me.

So, the new matchups:

USA vs Venezuela: I'm going with the U.S. Venezuela didn't do much to impress me. They took advantage of mistakes by Italy to have one big inning, and just didn't look good to me. The U.S. didn't over impress me, but they'll win.

Canada vs Italy: I'll take Canada in this one. If the hyphenateds couldn't do the job against the Venezuelans, I wouldn't expect them to do it here. The Canadians didn't look all that good, but should still take it.

Record so far: 8-1

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