Thursday, March 19, 2009

Predictions for Pool 1 - update 3

I've had some connection problems, so I wasn't able to watch the games. I'm going off of the daily accounts, and trying to watch the archives on

Korea vs Japan. I expected this. The South Koreans were shaping up to be the second best team in the Classic. Right now, they're the best. Close, like I thought it would be. Japan has to be a little worried. This is more than just winning the Classic to them. There is a lot of national pride in this games. This is U.S./USSR during the Cold War.

Korea over Japan

Japan vs Cuba. I didn't pick this game, because I've been slacking. I'm not really sure who I would have taken. I picked Japan as a favorite to make the Finals. They're still a good team, even if they having a hard time with South Korea. Cuba never really impressed me outside of the Australian game. Guess they go home to face the wrath of Fidel now.

Japan over Cuba

Upcoming game:

Japan vs South Korea. Why? This is like the 5th time they've played already. And they both already advance. Oh yeah, the double-elimination. Why to rip the heart right out of this thing, Bud. Good work. This just doesn't make sense anymore.

South Korea over Japan.

I'm skipping the records now, since I got so far off of it.

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