Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pool A predictions for the WBC - update 3

South Korea over China big. No big issue there. I didn't get to see the games. I missed the early ones because I spending the day with my daughter, and that is the only priority over baseball.

So China is out, but kudos to them. They played Japan tough, beat Chinese Taipei, and didn't do well at all against South Korea. Still, I call it a success for China. There's a good foundation to build on, and they can only keep moving up.

South Korea now plays Japan again, to determine the winner of the pool, even though both will advance. It's to determine future matchups in round 2. If South Korea wins, then they play again, for the double-elimination. I think the 14-2 whoopin' by Japan earlier was an aberration. Every team has a bad day. I look for South Korea to play it tough, but Japan will win.

Record so far: 6-0

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