Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pool A predictions for the WBC - update 2

Wow, I really thought South Korea was going to give Japan a game, and possibly beat them. I would have never thought it would be 14-2 mercy game.
Next up, South Korea vs China. I still have South Korea winning that game. Every team can have a bad game on occasion, and South Korea is a good team. They'll bounce back.
It will then be the winner of this game against Japan, to determine the 'winner' which is crazy, since they'll both be advancing. Oh, the stupidity of double-elimination.
Anyhow, I'll still take Japan over South Korea, which is what the Japanese want. This will save them an extra game (which shouldn't be played regardless) and give their pitchers more rest.

South Korea will play to win, as it's a pride thing. They won't want to lose to Japan twice in the opening round, even if they do advance.

Record so far: 4-0

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