Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wondering what to do

In an effort to keep people entertained, I have an idea, but would like to know what the readers think of this. There aren't a lot, I know, but the people who do read are loyal, and I don't want to bore anyone.

In two weeks, the Great Baseball Umpire Association will be holding its annual certification clinic. I plan on attending that, as I want to umpire in the league here in the UK. Additionally, that is the first weekend of spring training. I have also been asked to assist in coaching the local team. I've been assured there is no conflict of interest, as they need people to do this, so anyone and everyone is welcome.

What I would like to know is, from the people who check this site out, would a season log be of interest to anyone. Something along the lines of how practices go, and what i see. I recap of the games, either from a coaching or umpiring standpoint, and how I see things developing.

I don't know what kind of format this would take, or any content, or have any clue about it anymore than just an idea. But is this of interest to anyone? Would it be worth reading? Or should I stick with what I'm doing? Or go in a different direction?

I'm open to any and all ideas, so let me know what you think.




tHeMARksMiTh said...

I'd be very interested. Sounds really cool.

Craig Calcaterra said...

I'd be all over that.

Aaron said...

I'd like to read that too. Keep up the good work.

Nick said...

I'm in.

JS said...

Yes, please do this.