Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wanted: ball players

There are lots of ways to find players for your ballclub. Set up a farm team and have them supply players. Trade for them, sign them as free agents, invite them as non-roster invitees. Hell, take a page from the early days of the game, and just steal them from another team.

But this is one of the most innovative ways I've ever seen for getting new players. This isn't, and shouldn't be taken as, a joke. The London Mets are very competitive, and play a good brand of baseball. They are two-time defending champs. Many of them have played college ball, and some have played minor league ball.

So, even though spring training has already started, call up the British Embassy, apply for your visa, and get on over here. Unless you're already here, in which case you should be there already.

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