Monday, February 16, 2009

Baseball has already started

That's right, baseball has started. Actually, contrary to popular belief, it never really stops. At least not in the international sense. Many people are only interested in major league baseball. I don't blame them. I love the game, and if I'm going to watch, I want to see the best playing.

But I love the game. I've watched minor league ball, I watched college ball, and I've always coached or umpired in Little League, high school, Babe Ruth, etc. I like being on the field. I like participating. When I'm out there, there aren't any issues with the ex. I don't have to worry about not having a job, or how the bills are going to get paid. No, I just get to be involved.

While many people focus on MLB, I'm learning quickly that the game is much more than that. Even by the end of the World Series, the winter leagues in the Caribbean are starting up. The Australian league is kicking off. They're playing in South Africa. It's not the Yankees/Red Sox, or the Cardinals/Cubs, but it is baseball. Obviously, most of these games aren't on TV, but you can pick up the broadcasts via radio or the internet. If you really want to.

I understand why a lot of people don't necessarily follow anything but major league ball. Some only like college, while others live in a minor league town and that's the focus. Others only follow the game while the kids are playing, then go back to whatever they were doing before. That's all good. To each his own. I would rather watch Albert Pujols bat than some unknown Venezuelan or Aussie player who will never make the minors, let alone the majors.

But if it comes down to a choice of watching that versus listening to everything that is going on with Alex Rodriguez and the steroids issue. Frankly, I don't care, and it's beginning to bore the hell out of me. I'm jonesing for some game action. Hey, we all are. We're baseball people. And with spring training kicking off, and games less than 2 weeks away, most people don't really care about baseball outside of the states. But next you're bitching about Rodriguez, or steroids, or Bud, or Boras, or any of the other distractions, just remember there is baseball to watch that doesn't have all that. It's something to consider.

In light of that, the XIX International Indoor Baseball Tournament “DZIALDOWO CUP 2009” has just concluded.

Among the 12 participants (from Poland, Russia, Belorus, Moldova and Rumania) three teams from Lithuania took part in the Tournament. The participant teams were divided into two groups: “Sporto vilkai”I from Lithuania was the first in group A; “Botosani CSS” from Rumania won group B. The score standing at 7:4, “Sporto vilkai”I from Lithuania won the Final and the Polish President Cup.
I'll best most people have never even heard of Belorus or Moldova, let alone knew they played baseball. That's because you haven't been reading here. This is great. Baseball is taking off in Eastern Europe. I read somewhere recently that Russia might have developed a better baseball program under Communism, as a counter to the US. But it seems to me they are doing fine without the Soviets.

The only problem I have with this is it was played indoors, and that's not supposed to happen. However, considering they get about 5 feet of snow in Poland during the winter, I guess this okay. In the winter time. But regardless of indoors or outdoors, its baseball. And that's all that matters.

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