Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baseball is expanding again

Baseball is expanding again, in their ever ending search for major league talent. Expanding territorially, I should say, and not team wise. Because even though people are playing baseball all over the world, we still can't get two more teams in the majors, thereby eliminating the need for a division with 6 teams, and one with 4.

But I digress. Scouts are looking for talent in the Philippines.

Major League Baseball envoy Rick Dell recently paid a visit to the Philippines to evaluate 15 players aged 16-18 years old in hopes of possibly recruiting a prospect who is capable of eventually playing in the United States.

Baseball scouts have been in the Philippines before, so it's not a new thing. But it was the first evaluation of players at a tryout:
During the workouts, Dell asked the players in attendance to do drills that are done in professional standards such as a 60-yard dash, some fielding situations and batting practices.

15 players doesn't seem like a lot for a tryout before a major league scout, but I don't how many are playing in the Philippines right now. Players who do well will get an additional look:
If a player or two passes Dell’s evaluation, they will be invited to an MLB training camp in either Australia or China. And, Dell hopes to come back to the country and do more evaluations.

I know the success rate for tryout rates isn't really good for the states, so they shouldn't be too upset if any individual doesn't make it. The Philippines will get there eventually.

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