Friday, February 6, 2009

Someone call Hillary, quick!!!

The new Secretary of State (oh, the State Department, you've added another monumental failure to your resume) has been overshadowed in her dealings with Iran. Assuming she actually has had any dealings with them yet. But once again, baseball has trumped politics, and I'm here to gloat about it.

Yes, baseball. And it's great. For three reasons:

1. They play baseball in Iran. Obviously they are not quite the evil empire we've made them out to be.

2. Anything that makes Hillary irrelevant is always appropriate.

3. An American has been named to be the coach of the Iranian national team.

Gerardo Cabrera, a 25-year old former minor leaguer, who had a combined line of 226/.281/.291 in 75 games of High A ball.

There really isn't much more information I could find. There is a website for Iranian baseball, but that's about all. But with all the problems between the two countries, and the amount of players around the world who could have done this, I think it's great that an American was tapped for the job.

Until the State Department tries to stop it out of jealousy. Seems Hillary always ends up being second choice to be the first one in.

Thanks to the East Windup Chronicle for the link.

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