Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pool D predictions for the WBC

The last of the pools. Some more upset specials. I'm not just picking these out of my ass and guessing at it. I really believe the clubs I'm picking will win. The funny things, if I'm right, all the 'experts' will proclaim, "Who would have guessed this could happen?". Well, me.

I'll keep checking, and if they fix the brackets, I will update accordingly.

Round 1 - Pool D

Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico

Netherlands vs. Dominican Republic

Netherlands over the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is missing too many players, and the dutch are the best team in Europe. I don't count this an upset

Panama vs. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico over Panama. Puerto Rico has the better pitching and more marquee players. Probably a good game that could go either way, but will go to the island.

Game 2 Loser (Dominican Republic) vs. Game 1 Loser (Panama)

Dominican Republic over Panama. The DR hits their way to victory. This will probably be the high scoring game of the Classic.

Game 1 Winner (Netherlands) vs. Game 2 Winner (Puerto Rico)

Netherlands over Puerto Rico. I'm probably wrong on this, and it's mostly a toss up, but I'll stay with Grandma's team.

Game 3 Winner (Dominican Republic) vs. Game 4 Loser (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico over Dominican Republic. I'll take the little island over the half-island. DR pitching doesn't match up to PR's, and both teams can hit.

Game 4 Winner (Netherlands) vs. Game 3 Loser (Panama)

Netherlands vs. Panama. I'll stay with the Dutch, who are mostly US high-minor leaguers, over Panama, which just doesn't have the combined talent to match up

The final results:

Netherlands 3 - 0
Puerto Rico 2 - 1
Dominican Republic 1 - 2
Panama 0 - 3

Netherlands and Puerto Rico advance to the second round.

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