Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't cry for Andruw

All of you who are worried about Andruw Jones' lack of employment need not bother. Andruw is doing just fine. Though he was born and raised in Curacao, he is also a Dutch citizen. So was my grandmother, so watch the remarks please.

Because of this, Andruw, along with Sir Sidney, is listed among all things Dutch. This is a list of the top-10 earning athletes in Holland, or somewhere in the vicinity of:

1 (1) Andruw Jones (baseball) 17.000.0002
2 (2) Ruud van Nistelrooy (voetbal) 8.200.000
3 (5) Edwin van der Sar (voetbal) 6.100.000
4 (4) Mark van Bommel (voetbal) 6.000.000
5 (9) Rafael van der Vaart (voetbal) 5.200.0006
(6) Arjen Robben (voetbal) 5.100.000
7 (3) Clarence Seedorf (voetbal) 4.900.000
8 (16) Wesley Sneijder (voetbal) 4.800.000
9 (11) Robin van Persie (voetbal) 4.600.000
10 (10) Dirk Kuyt (voetbal) 4.300.000

Remarkable climbers:
Edwin van der Sar from 5 to 3 with 6,1 mio euro
Wesley Sneijder from 16 to 8 with 4,8 mio
Royston Drenthe from 29 to 12 with 3,4 mio
Ryan Babel from 36 to 13 with 3,3 mio
John Heitinga from 31 to 15 with 3 mio
Klaas Jan Huntelaar from 30 to 20 with 2,5 mio

Clarence Seedorf from 3 to 7 with 4,9 mio
Anky van Grunsven (horses) from 12 to 32 with 1,6 mio
Roy Makaay from 8 to 35 with 1,6 mio

The number in parentheses is the rank from last year. For those of you who are linguistically challenged, voetball is of course - soccer.

This is in Euros, so he's making about 21,708,594.05 US dollars. Not bad for being unemployed. You know, I'm unemployed also. I can't cover the ground Andruw does, but I'm a lot cheaper.

Surprisingly, not making the list is Sir Sidney Ponson, but that should change soon. After making a splash at the WBC, and leading the Dutch to the semi-finals, he'll be signing a multi-million dollar contract with the Red Sox, winning the Cy Young, and knocking the Yankees out of the playoffs.

I had this done up and ready to post before I read about him signing his minor league contract with the Rangers, but I had already written it, so here it is.

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