Thursday, February 26, 2009

An open letter

Dr. Harvey Schiller, Presiden to the International Baseball Federation, has published an open letter to the federation.

Some of the key points:

Today we also submitted our questionnaire to the International Olympic Committee for re-instatement to the Olympic Programme in 2016. The final document had almost 150 pages of facts and figures as to why baseball should be part of the Olympics again, and we are continuing to do everything possible to make that happen.
Some of the developmental stuff:

Baseball Kenya developing a project involving almost 1,700 children in impoverished areas of Nairobi to introduce baseball as a way to work together, resolve conflict and learn both life and athletic skills.

The announcement by Baseball Turkey of the establishment of 35 baseball teams, as well as serving as the host of European youth championships in Antalya.

The establishment of new baseball programs for as many as 40,000 school children in Phnom Penh , Cambodia.

The announcement that Spain’s Eric Gonzalez, a native of the Canary Islands and a top prospect in the San Diego Padres organization, was a recipient of a medal from the Spanish Government for his work growing the sport.

The introduction of Dominican Republic-born Gerardo Yassel Cabrera as Iran ’s national baseball coach.

Clinics for both umpires and coaches held across Europe , all designed to grow the game.
And a good finish:

In short, baseball has never been better positioned globally for success, and we have many people to thank for that, from the volunteers in the smallest of towns and the boys and girls of all ages who play the game, to those who play on the club and the professional level. It has been, and will always be a game for all. We are very excited about the WBC and the continued growth of the sport on all levels, and look forward to hearing from you about the stories of growth that you have seen. As always, please visit our website, for the latest information and a link to my blog. Feel free to contact us at any time and with any questions, thoughts or ideas.
Hey, it's like being interactive.

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