Monday, February 23, 2009

Pool B predictions for the WBC

Pool B predictions. Just as a headsup, I don't think the brackets are done correctly. And its not a real round-robin. Each team is not guaranteed to play the other. I'm not sure why they did it like that. But the way this thing is being run, its a wonder its happening at all.

Round 1 - Pool B

South Africa

South Africa vs. Cuba

Cuba over South Africa. The Cubans are just as eager as the Japanese to get this thing started, and avenge their lose. South Africa, while getting better, will serve as a sacrificial lamb.

Australia vs. Mexico

Mexico over Australia. I think these teams are probably evenly matched, but Mexico gets the nod for playing at home, and wanting to prove their better than the 2006 Classic showed.

Game 2 Loser (Australia) vs. Game 1 Loser (South Africa)

Australia over South Africa. Supposedly, Australia looked pretty good over Taiwan in their series, if maybe giving up too many runs. Chinese Taipei is probably better than South Africa, at least for now.

Game 1 Winner (Cuba) vs. Game 2 Winner (Mexico)

Cuba over Mexico. I would like to see the Mexicans win this one. Probably the best game of this pool, but the Cubans are better.

Game 3 Winner (Australia) vs. Game 4 Loser (Mexico)

Australia over Mexico. I think the brackets might be wrong on the sight, because they would be playing for the second time. Not my problem, I'll take Australia in the rematch.

Game 4 Winner (Cuba) vs. Game 3 Loser (South Africa)

Cuba over South Africa. Same thing with the bracket, and the rematch. No contest, really.

The final results:

Cuba 3 - 0
Australia 2 - 1
Mexico 1 -2
South Africa 0 - 3

Cuba and Australia advance to the second round.

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