Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Reds will be the home team

It has just been announced that Moscow will host a series of first-round games for the World Baseball Cup, in September. No, the games will not be in the Red Square, or Gorky Park. But that would be cool, wouldn't it.

The teams participating in Moscow will be:

Russia - of course. I'm not really sure if they're called the Reds, but it's still a good joke.

Great Britain - no word yet on whom Kim Philby will be rooting for.

Japan - who had hoped the games would be played in Vladivostok, as they are undefeated there.

Nicaragua - word is Daniel Ortega will pay a state visit at the same time, visit the tomb of Lenin, and cry like a baby and how the world has passed him by.

I've never been to Russia, and I probably won't get to go in September. But it should be an entertaining round of baseball.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

You got me. I saw "Reds" and became instantly curious. Then, I saw Russia, and thought "Clever, Ron. Clever".

Ron Rollins said...

Never let it be said that the Cold War wasn't good for something.