Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fighting the good fight

Dr Schiller has recently interviewed by 70 members of the Japanese press, while in Tokyo to promote the drive to reinstate baseball in the Olympics. Dr Schiller has a plan to get major league players into the Olympics, which is where the exclusion of baseball is coming from. The European countries, afraid baseball will eclipse soccer, have come together to get baseball banned. Even though the best soccer players from Europe don't compete, as that would take away from the World Cup. How's that again.

To get baseball back in the Olympics, Dr Schiller has proposed:

a plan to shorten the duration of the tournament from the previous 11 days to 5 days. In addition, "I have requested all the owners to send their best players to the Olympics. I am confident about it." said he.
Dr Schilller reiterated that in order for baseball to be reinstated:

participation of MLB players is essential". A plan to shorten the duration to 5 days by tournament system will make it possible "to secure MLB players without interrupting the games. Number of people to stay in the Olympic village and associated costs can be reduced." explained he. (Japanese translation
That's good, but he needs to talk to Bud.

Commissioner Selig is said to have assured in writing "to send best players for the 2016 Olympic baseball."

After the joint press conference, President Schiller visited the JOC to pay respect to its President Tsunekazu Takeda. He asked for support to the reinstatement of
baseball and is said to have expressed his willingness to support Tokyo's bid to host 2016 Olympics.
All good stuff. Maybe an extended All-Star break, and the big guys all get to play. Just like in the World Baseball Classic. Yup, Bud is all for this.

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