Friday, February 20, 2009

Can you spell 'boondoggle'

Have you wondered why the Braves haven't been able to sign any premium free agents the last couple of years. Well, the reason is clear. They're spending all of their available cash on development leagues. In the Canary Islands. Uh huh, the Canary Islands. Now, given a choice between the Canary Islands, Pittsburgh in the summer, and a left handed bat for the outfield, this isn't a bad choice.

And this isn't just for the Director of Player Development:

A slew of important dignataries will be present from the Atlanta Braves organization, Canary Island government officials, Tenerife town hall members, Port de la Cruz city council officials as well as representatives from both the Royal Spanish Federation of Baseball and Softball, and the Canary Federation of Baseball and Softball

The Braves will be represented by Jose Martinez, Special Assistant of the General Manager. Director of Scouting and International Operations Johnny Almaraz and minor league hitting instructor Jose Tartabull will also be in attendance for the MLB organization.
I'm all for the explosion of talent in International Baseball, and the Braves have been a leader in this, I think. But the Canary Islands? You have to wonder.

Back in the day, working at the embassy, we just to get CODEL's (Congressional Delegations) to come into countries at taxpayers expense (on the weekends) for what they called "fact-finding missions" at the 4-star boutiques and restaurants.

We just called it a boondoggle.

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