Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Making Bud look good, one day at a time

In another effort to help Bud with his championship games issues, the Gigantes of San Francisco of the Dominican League came up with a unique way to avoid suspended games in the final series. They just didn't play at all.

The capital’s champion baseball team Tigres del Licey last night won their third consecutive final series game without even taking the field, after the Gigantes of San Francisco walked off the diamond at Quisqueya stadium to protest the suspension of one of its players.

However, like Bud, the commissioner was able to make sure that the rest of the series would be played:

However, concerns that the rest of the series would be suspended were discarded
after the Gigantes pledged to play the remaining games.

The Gigantes probably thought they had a good reason, but I would disagree:

The Gigantes refused to play after the Dominican Baseball League’s decision to suspend for the rest of the series their player Felix Martinez, who tried to attack the chief umpire after being thrown out of Wednesday’s game.
I think this is the same Felix Martinez who was basically kicked out of Kansas City for sucker punching a Detroit Tiger during a fight with the Royals, so there would seem to be a history for this kind of behavior. I'm all for teammates sticking up for each other, but this seems a little overboard. I don''t know all the details, but I still have a hard time seeing anyone justifying this. I realize the attitudes and social mores are a little different out in the Caribbean also, but you have to wonder why the other players would condone something like this.

However, it is ironic that Martinez had his fight with the Tigers, the team of Ty Cobb, who was suspended for going into the stands and punching a disable fan. So his teammates walked out and refused to play the game. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed in that situation. And this one also.

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