Friday, February 13, 2009

My top 11 baseball places to visit

This is just a quick list of my top-11 baseball destinations. In no particular order.

1. Fenway Park - one of the few old ones left.

2. Wrigley Field - same thing

3. Cooperstown - the Hall of Fame

4. Tokyo - the Japanese Hall of Fame

5. Dyersville, Iowa - where Field of Dreams was made

6. Cuba - I want to see a game there. It's a religion as much as anything else.

7. Brooklyn Avenue & 22nd Street - site of the old Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, where I saw my first major league game.

8. Omaha - the College World Series

9. Williamsport - the Little League World Series

10. Hoboken - where Elysian Fields was located, site of the 'first' baseball game played

11. England - the exact spot where baseball was invented. Hah, just kidding.

This is a list of places I haven't been. There are a lot of places I wanted to see, but never quite made it. Yankee Stadium, Tiger Stadium, Comiskey Park, etc. But you can only visit so many plaques.

So that's my list. What is yours?


Nick said...

It's been my goal to see a game in every major league park. Here are the major league parks I've seen games at:

Kauffman/Royals Stadium
Old Busch Stadium
Wrigley Field
Old Milwaukee County Stadium
The Ballpark at Arlington
Fenway Park
Old Yankee Stadium
Shea Stadium

Minor League parks I've seen a game at:

Lawrence-Dumont Stadium (Wichita Wranglers)
Hadlock Field (Portland (ME) Sea Dogs)

Independent League parks I've seen a game at:

Community America Ballpark (Kansas City T-Bones)

I've also been to the Field of Dreams, once with buddies and once with my dad. And, I got to go to the Olympic training facility in Millington, TN in 1992.

Places I want to go:

1. Cooperstown - the Hall of Fame
2. Every other major league stadium
3. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (As a life-long KC resident, I realize it is unacceptable that I haven't been yet.)
4. Cuba or the D.R. would be awesome places to watch some baseball
5. Also, Mexico City would be interesting.

What parks/places have you been, Ron?

Ron Rollins said...

I think this is the full list:

Kansas City - Municipal Stadium
Royals Stadium
San Diego - Jack Murphy Stadium
Los Angeles - Dodgers Stadium
Anaheim Stadium
Seattle - Safeco Field
Denver - Coors Field
Arlington - The Ballpark
St Lous - Busch Stadium (old)
Busch Stadium (new)
Philadelphia- Veteran's Stadium
Baltimore - Camden Yards
Washington - RFK
Atlanta - Fulton Country Stad
Turner Field

Tuscon - Hi Corbett Stadium

I think that's all of them.

Negro League Museum