Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pool C predictions for the WBC

Okay, the second set of predictions. This pool is a little harder, as it has some good games , and there could be some upsets, which I'm predicting. I'm probably wrong on at least one of these, but I don't think I am.

Round 1 - Pool C

United States

Canada vs. United States

United States over Canada. I don't think this game is a gimme, but I'll give the US the edge. They seem like they actually want to win, and will make an effort. A good game, but the US wins.

Italy vs. Venezuela

Italy over Venezuela. Some people might laugh at this pick, but I'm not. Venezuela is missing too many of its top players, and Italy is better than people think. Especially with all the Americans playing for them.

Game 2 Loser (Venezuela) vs. Game 1 Loser (Canada)

Canada over Venezuela. Canada is at least the number 2 team, so they get on the winning track.

Game 1 Winner (United States) vs. Game 2 Winner (Italy)

United States over Italy. I don't care how many Americans play for the Italian team, the US is winning this game. No contest.

Game 3 Winner (Canada) vs. Game 4 Loser (Italy)

Italy over Canada. You have to have some kind of upset special, and as I said, Italy is better than people will think. and Canada doesn't really have all that much to impress me, as they're missing too many top pitchers.

Game 4 Winner (United States) vs. Game 3 Loser (Venezuela)

United States over Venezuela. I know Venezuela has some great players, but they're missing all the front line pitching, and just won't be able to do it.

The final results:

United States 3 - 0
Italy 2 - 1
Canada 1 - 2
Venezuela 0 - 3

The United States and Italy advance to the second round.

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