Friday, February 20, 2009

Big river, roll on

An update to this post:

the ballpark of BASEBALL NAVARRA in Burlada was damaged through a flood. The
government of Navarra, the city of Burlada and the Baseball Federations in Spain
and Navarra agreed this week to rebuild the ballpark as soon as possible and the
clubs CD ARGA, BASEBALL NAVARRA and CD PAMPLONA can play in the new ballpark as
soon as May or June. Until then the clubs will use different venues in the
Pamplona region.

Again, keeping you informed, as best we can.

That's the flood of Crosley Field, on the left, when Mill Creek overflowed it's banks and put the playing field under 21 feet of water.

The one on the right is the stadium of the Baseball Navarra club, in Burlada, Spain. It's not clear if they'll be able to return to playing there this year. Pretty nice stadium.

Here are some more pictures of the damage. My Spanish ain't so good, but there's one thing I'm willing to bet on. They won't get any public funding.

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