Monday, January 12, 2009

Where RBI's don't matter for the Most Valuable Player

Too many people think the league leader in RBI's is automatically the Most Valuable Player. Now, while I like the RBI, I don't agree that leading the league is a good indicator of who is the most valuable. There are way too many different stats, and differrent things a player can do.
So how do you get past this bias. Easy, just do what they did in the Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam Baseball League, as voted on by the league coaches.
They voted two utility players as co-MVPS. And picked a 3rd utility player to the All Island first team.

So I've been thinking about this, and maybe Dayton Moore is really a genius. Maybe he's seen something in future MVP candidate Willie Bloomquist that the rest of us have missed.

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