Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another lesson plan gone wrong

I have mixed feelings about this. This is a lesson plan used to to teach English as a second language.

Now, using baseball for that is a great idea, and I'm all for it. But they just can't get past the idea that the game was invented in England.

I guess its a double-edged sword. It might bring us more baseball fans, but give them false information about the game.

Man, they're really pushing it hard. The title is "Baseball was invented in England", but if you get the bottom, and why wouldn't you, it states:

Historians in England have uncovered evidence that baseball may not be as American as apple pie.
Yeah, evidence. That proves it. Ask O.J. The Brits are really loving this. And seem to think that we actually care about this. We're Americans. Except for the potato and lacrosse, everything came from somewhere else.

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