Thursday, January 22, 2009

Planting another flag

Mister Baseball has posted the recap of the Moldavan baseball season. Like most people, I didn't realize that they played baseball in Moldova, but I'm not making fun of the fact. I think it's great that more and more countries are playing. Which is making the decisions by the IOC even more baffling every day I look at this.

It was a short season, only 10 games. But the first season of the National League was only 70 games. Starting slow, building interest, and then increasing the schedule is a good way to go.

They are trying, and are presenting post-season awards. The one I like the most was the MOST VALUED PLAYER (MVP). There is a subtle difference in "Valued" and "Valuable", but it is a difference. Maybe MLB needs to look at the wording of the awards.

The thing I like the best is the awarding of Gold Gloves:

Gold Glove Winners:
Catcher: Bliadze Timur (KVINT-SDISOR)
First Base: Andreev Andrei (ABATOR)
Second Base: Barisev Iurii (KVINT)
Third Base: Balan Gheorghe (BIVOL)
Shortstop: Covalenco Oleg (KVINT)
Outfield: Marinciuc Alexandr (KVINT)
Balan Anatolii (BIVOL)
Leonov Alexei (BIVOL)

This tells me the people shotgunning this thing are aware how important defense is. It's not just about the scoring.

Here is an additional link for those who are interested.

An interesting side note is that the Pirates finished dead last.

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