Thursday, January 22, 2009

The gift for the guy who has everything

Too late for Christmas, and my birthday is too far away. But the perfect baseball gift is now out and available. For only $749.

It's the must gift for any true stathead, and it's great from the expensive seats.

One of the great features:

the Sport 2 is the only sport radar that features a stopwatch function to measure base-running times concurrent with radar operation.

The rest of the features:

• 2 - Year Warranty.

• Simple, baseball-specific operation.

• 2 Active Speed Windows - Both Peak Speed and Plate Speed.

• 3 - Hour Battery Life - Uses common AA NiMh batteries with low charge indication.

• 10-millisecond speed acquisition time.

• Stopwatch function - Simultaneously measures pitches and times runners - optional stopwatch cable required.

• Multiple units of measure - MPH and KM/H.

• Recall Previous - Recalls previous 5 readings.

PERFORMANCE 300 feet for baseballs

DIMENSIONS Height: 8 inches Width: 3 inches Length: 6 5/8 inches Weight: 1.70 pounds(including batteries)

Guys, remind your wives. There's still plenty of time to pick this up for Valentine's Day. All it will cost you is something with diamonds on it.

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