Monday, January 26, 2009

A future World Series champ

From Baseball de World comes news that the Kansas City Royals have signed a pitcher out of South Africa.

Dylan Lindsay:

landed a seven-year contract

which is kind of impressive, considering:

Lindsay is only the fourth South African teen since 1999 to land such a prestigious contract

I hope he makes it, and has a good long, healthy career, as long as he comes to his senses, because according to his mother:

it had always been her son’s wish to one day rub shoulders with international baseball stars. She said his ultimate dream was to play for the New York Yankees.

They might want to work on the public relations aspect of things. But I'm sure he'll get his wish. I have no doubt that after his first good season, Dayton Moore will trade him straight up for Melky Cabrera.

But anyone who reads this knows I think this is a great think. The more global the game because, the better it is for the game.

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