Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Karim Garcia sighting

When is a gold glove not a Gold Glove? When its the Korean Baseball League and the Golden Gloves are awarded to the best player at each position, and not for defensive wizardry. Someone pass this on to Michael Young.

One of the outfield awards went to former major leaguer Karim Garcia.

He's the one who's not in the picture.

I lived in Korea for a year. I had a good time. Its not a bad place. I also lived in Los Angeles for two years. Given a choice, I would rather live in Seoul than Los Angeles.

Given a choice, I would prefer to play baseball for the Dodger over the Lotte Giants.

But it's still baseball, no matter where it's played.

Courtesey of True Stories of Korean Baseball by Matt Dewoshkin

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