Friday, December 19, 2008

Here's a good site I found, that has a lot of useful information in it. Some members of the BBWAA would do well to read through the information here, and maybe learn something about the game. Its just a basic description of the game and how things work, written for Brits. Some of the things I noted from my readings:

Baseball is a wonderful sport (I’m guessing you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t worked that out already) and whether your introduction was via Five, NASN or
through catching a game during a visit to the States, the chances are good that
you were hooked pretty quickly.
See, there are some people over here that do really like the game.

While a starter's objective is always to throw a complete game.
Obviously, this guy never met Tony LaRussa.

The Players union understandably would not accept the idea of a player having his salary slashed when being traded without his consent.
I want to see anytime the PU would accept the idea of a player have his salary reduced. Let me know when that happens.

The owner of a baseball team's main role is, obviously enough, to own the team. Sometimes one man leads the way with his money (and his mouth).
The Steinbrenner's have went international.

Umpires in MLB do not like having their authority questioned and won't think twice about throwing a player out of the game if they argue with a call.
Nothing to add there. Pretty self-explanatory.

Anyhow, its a decent site for teaching people about baseball and is very accurate on all counts. It is mostly a site designated as "A Hub For The Best Of British BAseball Writing". I would tend to agree with that.

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