Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am Baseball

There's a lot of debate about right now about where baseball was invented. We call it the American past-time. The first recorded account of a baseball game is from Canada. The English say they invented it, and the Welsh have had a baseball league for well over a century. The Irish have hurling, and American Indians invented lacrosse. In fact, golf, polo, ice hockey, and field hockey are all a form of a stick and ball game.

So where baseball originally came from will always be a mystery. Where it evolved into its current form is a little more verifiable. Maybe it was was the States, or Canada. It might have been Germany, and there is a lot of evidence for England.

But someone has finally figured out where baseball comes from. And I prefer to go with this. Because some variation of a stick and ball game has been played since before recorded time.

Because in the end, it's about the kids. Or should be.

Here's a little more on the origins of baseball.

So can we declare a moratorium on where baseball was invented and just give it to the world.

For more information on the origins of baseball, check here.

Thanks to the International Baseball Federation

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