Friday, December 19, 2008

The new Yankees

Baseball Breaks Tel Aviv’s Mason Dixon Line.

However, considering Tel Aviv is a city, and not a true geographic point that separates the mentalities of a nation, I don't think it's quite as big a deal as when the Braves moved to Atlanta. But lets give them credit, because they are trying.

According to Israeli Association of Baseball President, Haim Katz:

The game demonstrated the results of the Israel Association of Baseball‟s
efforts to promote the game to ALL Israeli‟s
Even though it was played in one city. Does this mean Tel Aviv is going to be the self-proclaimed center of baseball in Israel? Are they the new New York Yankees? Will there be a Steinbrenner-type leader? The mind boggles.

The only problem I really have is this:

"The local and national government have given us moral support, but the
financial resources to train coaches and run the clinics have all come from
the IAB‟s internal resources and its generous friends abroad.”
Don't we give these guys like $4,000,000,000 a year in foreign aid? And they can't afford some baseball equipment. C'mon.

And I do owe an apology to Charge d‟Affairs of the US Embassy, Mr. Louis Moreno; who, it seems, played college baseball. I surprised he's risen this far in the State Department being such a radical. However, his opening speech did right things, in which he stated:
"You are the future, you are the next prime minister, you will be the entire
cabinet, and you will be the leaders. Baseball will teach you how to lead.
Baseball will teach you how to rely upon your teammates and how to be a team
You know, that' the same speech I got my first day of basic training. And my graduation.

Yep, the State Department. Keeping the world safe from democracy.

There will be peace in our time.

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