Monday, December 29, 2008

Johnson Toribiong, the President of the Palau Baseball Association, has a new day job. It seems he was just elected president of the Republic of Palau, winning the election by just 216 votes. Somewhere in Hollywood, Al Gore is screaming for a recount. Now you have to wonder what's going through Bud's mind?

Congratulations to the President-elect, but I really hope he resigns the more important position and is only president of his country. Let someone else run the Baseball Association for awhile.

Because one thing we have all learned, baseball and politics don't mix. If Congress had spent less time worrying about steroids in baseball and more time worrying about, oh, say, the economy, then maybe we wouldn't be in quite the mess we're in now.

I don't know much about Palau, but I think playing baseball here would be a good thing. If they really want to hold the World Series at a neutral site, then I vote for here.

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Anonymous said...

I have just read your comments on Bert Convy,first I must say that your comment on his lack of baseball tallent is not quite accurate, we must all realize that baseball is a very un-forgiving game and one can be a hero one minute and a bummer the next minute, as far as I am concerned Bert was having a very hard time getting his bat to the ball and had they given him enough time he would have started hitting, they released him way too soon after sending him to Salina, I had the same problem after two years in korea and being out of baseball and they gave me every chance to get back on track, Bert was a very positive and energetic person,he attempted everything he could to keep all of us up during each game while he was with us, his personality and people connecting traits were simply tremendous as any could see from his great success in the entertainment field, like I said, baseball is an unforgiving sport, I couldn't do anything in spring training but pop up and ground out,very seldom hit the ball on the nose, when we started the season in Miami Johnny Davenport our manager platooned Bert and I and for some reason I started hitting the ball right on the nose and had what I call a banner season and Bert didn't hit so john played me and they sent him to Salina, I was very mad and discusted at the time because I was hitting great and he wasn't and I thought I should have been the one to be promoted, not knowing that if he stayed in his slump he would be released,as far as I am concerned Bert was a victim of circumstances.
Don Ervin,