Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Building a stronger friendship

The Etho-Cuban Friendship Associaition (man, there was something fun about the communist days) have built a baseball field in Addis Ababa. The first of its kind, therefore adding Ethiopia to the world-wide baseball community.

There are some good things about this. One is, another country will be playing baseball. Secondly, more kids will be playing baseball.

There are some bad thigns going on here. One is the Cubans are involved. I don't have anything against Cubans. I've known a few. I even had a Cuban doctor in Angola. Interesting story. But we can't beat them without using the pro's. Do we really need them teaching the Ethiopians how to play their way. Shouldn't be doing this insead?

And that's the second bad thing involved. Accroding to the article:
The embassies of countries that play baseball such as South Korea, South Africa,
USA, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil and officials from the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs were in attendance at the ceremony.

Anytime you get the American embassy involved in "anything", it will go bad. People in the State Department don't know what baseball is, let alone know how to do anything to promote it. They can only ruin it and make things worse. Diplomats should have nothing to do with baseball. They will only do to it what they did to the Cold War. And that's not a good thing.

Oh, God, the State Deparment is involved. Lets just do them a favor and nuke them now.

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