Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You've got to admire the attitude

I like attitude as much as the next guy. And it seems that Nigeria will be the next world power in baseball. At least according to Shaun McDonald, the US-based international baseball and softball instructor, who says:

"Nigeria can rule the world in the game of baseball and softball."

She also feels very confident that the country has all it takes to rule the world in the game in terms of human resources. The only real problem is the lack of facilities, because:

"You need facilities. Up-to-date facilities if you must excel in the game."

Shaun McDonald is the two-time Gold Medal winning coach of the American softball team in the Olympics, so I don't doubt her knowledge of the game, or her ability to spot talent. However, the above comment comes across as a member of the 'duh' family. Of course they need up-to-date facilities. Isn't that one of the problems we face in the inner-city, where minority kids don't have the room or equipment to play the game.

Of course, as one of the leading oil producers in the world, Nigeria could come up with the money to build some world-class fields. That is, if they didn't suffer from the African disease of corruption. And since they are on the verge of a civil war, with Islamists fundamentalists trying to split the country in two, this might not be the time to try and start a spending spree in the recreational area.

But as I said, I like attitude. And its nice to know Nigeria can rule the world in baseball. As soon as they find a place to play.

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