Thursday, December 18, 2008

A great hobby

Everyone needs a hobby. Zach Hample has taken it to the extreme, as he has snagged 3820 balls in 44 Major League stadiums.

I've been to more games than I can remember, in several stadiums. And I worked for the Mariners for two years, roaming the stadium. And I've never caught a single ball in all that time. In fact, I can only remember 2 that were within distance and I couldn't get to them.

So I'm a little jealous. But I'm more jealous of the 44 stadiums. Nice, dude.

A list of his other achievements:

Getting interviewed by CBS.

His own blog.

His own website.

His own fan page on Facebook.

Two of the homeruns hit at Yankee Stadium.

The last homerun hit at Shea Stadium.

All this must be keeping him busy. Don't peak to early.

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