Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At least someone has a clue. There is one Brit who realizes baseball and cricket are different and doesn't feel the need to slag it off.This is aritcle from the London Times that provides a beginners guide to baseball.There isn't much too it, and it leaves out a lot. But its not bad as a starter for people who are new to the game.But the thing that stand out the most is how the writer describes the smilarites between baseball and cricket:
It is often said that baseball is more or less the same as rounders, which is true in the same way that Formula One is like a drive in the countryside.
There is no more need to compare baseball to cricket than there is compare rugby to football. They are different games that can be enjoyed by, and for, themselves, without resorting to name-calling and insults.Here that, all you cricket lovers out there.

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