Monday, December 22, 2008

A piece of my childhod

While most people call The Sporting News the baseball bible (and I don't disagree), the magazine I liked the most was always Baseball Digest. I still have copies going back to the late-70's, because for some reason I keep stuff like that.

But Baseball Digest has always been my favorite, along with the Street and Smith pre-season preview. Every month when it came out, either at the store or through the mail, I would grab it and read it through at once, and then go back and re-read it later.

I've had subscriptions off and on since I had my first real job, over 20 years ago. But because I've moved around the world and the states most of my adult life, it's been hard to keep it going because it runs out and I don't get my renewal notices, and all that good stuff.

So great news that the Baseball Digest is going on-line.

It's not launching until March next year, but I've got my subscription already. I'm getting a piece of my childhood back.

You can make me grow old, but you can't make me grow up.

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