Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ted says 'Baseball is spring'

Ted Turner, former owner of the Atlanta Braves, and current owner of the United Nations, has made his pitch for baseball to remain in the Olympics.
Media mogul Ted Turner stopped by the IBAF booth at Sport Accord on Thursday. Turner addressed the conference on the need to use sport as a vehicle for social change, which is one of baseball’s prime messages for Olympic reinstatement. He also spoke to the group specifically about the value of baseball being on the Olympic programme, adding that “The Olympics without baseball is like spring without summer.”
Nice of Ted to leave the United Nations in the 'capable' hands of the diplomats for a day and get out and about in support of baseball. I think, because this quote has me a little confused:

Turner says, “The Olympics without baseball is like spring without summer.”
I'm not really sure what it means. Maybe something along the lines of "a fool without his money is like light without dark?".

Yeah, I'm confused. It's nice Ted wants to be involved, if he does to baseball (again) what he did for the United Nations, we might just be screwed.

If anyone knows what that statement actually meant, please let me know. Really. Because I'm clueless on this one.

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