Friday, April 10, 2009

A look around the leagues

I'll be the first to admit,this is what we call a slow news day. There just isn't that much out there today to post on, as far as what I do. What I'm going to do here in the next few weeks, is to take a look at the leagues around the world. The different countries that play baseball, the ones that have professional leagues,the structure of the leagues, something about the teams, Americans playing on them, and some brief background.

I'll start working on this over the weekend, but coupled with the slow news day and house hunting, there really isn't much today at all.

The structure I'll go with will be mostly as follows:


Number of leagues

History of leagues

Current teams in league, to include location, park, etc


Playoff/championship format

Some statistical stuff about the league, such as career leaders in different stats,if I can find it

Past winners

Viability of the league

How it fits with the country, in my perspective

Americans playing/in have played in the league

Whatever else I can think of

So that's the plan over the next few weeks. I'll try to do one or two a week, as I can get to it. I start working a real job next week, but I think that will help. I usually spend my days sitting at the computer, and sometimes just can't force myself to write. Having a job,and a regular schedule is better for me, and I can get back into a regular routine.

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